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Autocluster Exhibition Centre, Chinchwad, Pune, India


FACTORY AUTOMATION : Complete Factory Automation Systems, Sensors and measuring equipment, Assembly and handling systems, technologies, devices, assembly lines system periphery and applications, Complete Factory Automation systems and equipment assembly and handling, Machine Vision, Laser Technology, Pick and Place systems, Vision systems


TURNKEY SOLUTIONS : For industrial automation, assembly and handling technology, Electric motors, frequency convertors and magnetic technology, Laser technology industrial image processing, Production engineering for electric engineering and electronics, Safety and security in automation


PROCESS AUTOMATION AND CONTROL SYSTEMS : Process automation solutions, Complete flexible automated manufacturing plants, Control systems, open and closed control systems for process automation, Identification systems, image processing systems for process automation, Monitoring, safety and SCADA systems for the process industry, Process automation solutions and IT solutions, Integrated solutions for process optimization, statistical process control and data acquisition, Field devices, components for process automation, Special process automation controls and individual controllers, Overall system planning and consultancy services (process automation), Instrumentation and control, Alarm systems for the process industry, Data acquisition systems for the process industry, Diagnosis systems for the process industry• Gas warning systems (for combustible and toxic gases), Industrial security systems for the process industry, Remote monitoring systems for the process industry, Field Control Instruments Devices and Systems, SCADA Software for the process industry


FIELD INSTRUMENTATION : Motion drives, Servo drives, actuator drives, Analyzer systems and drive systems for actuators, Encoders, Drive systems and drive control units, Drive Control systems and technology, Drive units, Electrical Automation systems, Components, Products


ELECTRIC AUTOMATION : Industrial electrical Automation, Switchgear Products , Electronic Energy Meters


ROBOTICS : Turkey systems and complete systems for robotics, Articulated robots, hexapods, horizontal elbow-arm robots, Industrial robots of special design, Linear robots, Micro robots, portal robots, swivel arm robots (SCARA Robots), Vertical elbow-arm robots, Application components for industrial robots, Industrial robots - basic system industry applications, task-specific applications, Robot welding systems, System periphery for robots and robot controls


BUS AND WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY : Industrial Networks, Wireless automation systems, Communications systems, data transmission systems, Optical data transmission• Wireless LAN Systems, field device tools, Wireless FIELDBUS, INTERBUS, MODBUS transfer systems, Bus systems and BUS Components, Engineering and Software , IoT, Wireless & M2M


BUILDING AUTOMATION : Automation systems for building services technology, heating, air-conditioning, Ventilation for Lighting technology, Automation systems in building security and in structural fire protection, Building management systems and monitoring systems, Complete home automation, home automation systems, Project management services for Industrial building automation systems, Integrated Automation solutions for Industrial Building Automation, Clean room Technology, Measuring and Control systems for industrial building automation, Building communications technology, Cables and lines for building automation and transmission equipment, Sensors and actuators for building automation, Software for building automation


PUMPS , VALVES & COMPRESSORS : Pumps and Valves, Pump drives and Pump safety relays and accessories, Valves and fitting and accessories, Compressors,Centrifugal Single stage/ Multi stage pumps, Industrial Valves, Pipeline Valves, Gas Compressor


HYDRAULICS AND PNEUMATICS : Water Hydraulics and Oil Hydraulics, Plain bearings and anti-friction bearings, Pneumatics, Condition monitoring and Vibration reduction


AUTOMATION IN THE FOOD & PACKAGING INDUSTRY : Automated Counting and Sorting Machines, Processing systems, Bagging systems, Check Weighing, Labelling and/or marking, Bar Coding, Cartooning, Palletizing, Case Packing, Bottle Filling & Capping


GEARS, MOTORS & CONTROLS : Right Angle Gear Boxes,Worm Gear Boxes, Industrial Gear Boxes,Clutches, Brakes,Sensors, Adjustable Speed Drives, Linear Motion Devices, Actuators, Gear Trains, Prime movers,Chemical & Lubricant Products


IT & SOFTWARE SERVICES : Instrumentation, Control & Automation Equipment / Software


AUTOMATION IN THE AUTOMOBILE & TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY : Assembly Automation, Automation in the body shop & Paint show , Pick and Place System, Vision Systems, CNC Machines / Centers, Metal Cutting Technology & Equipments, Paints Painting Equipment and Technologies, Robotics for Automotive Sectors, Automotive Manufacturing process, Assembly line automation, Product & Systems for Automotive Industry, Special Purpose Machines, Forging Technology, Precision Technology, IT Solutions, Airline Automation, Railway signaling Automation, Product Lifecycle Management


POWER PLANT & MCC AUTOMATION (SMART MCC) : Process Shut Down (PSD), Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Systems, Burner Management Systems


BEARING, SHAFTS & COUPLINGS : Standard Bearings, Rolling Element Bearings, Magnetic Bearings, Wind Power Generator Bearings, Automotive Drive Shafts, Vehicle Drive Shafts, Rigid Couplings, Spider or Jaw Couplings, Roller Chain & Sprocket Couplings,Diaphragm


GAS & LIQUID ANALYZERS : Total Organic Carbon Analyzers, Particle size & count analyzers, Volatile organic compounds analyzers, Leak testing equipments, HPLC Detectors


GAS DETECTION SYSTEM : Toxic Gas Detection Systems, Advance Gas Detectors, Flame Detectors, Gas Monitors & Control Systems, Air Sampling


TANK GAUGING SYSTEMS : Underground storage Tanks, Tank Radar, Gauging for Horizontal & Vertical tanks


GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY : Gas solid Chromatography, Gas liquid Chromatography, Flame Ionization Detector, Gas Chromatography Drug Test


MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING : Manufacturing Technology services, Automation, Robotics Parts & Equipment Manufacturer, Production of Bolts, Screws, Nuts & Rivets, Engineering Services, Automation & Robotics Engineering, Aerospace & Defense Engineering, Auto & Components, Industrial Engineering, Metallurgy & Mining